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bad colors in netscape

subject: bad colors in netscape

hi there

	Whenever i launch netscape communicator in X windows
		i get some errors from netscape and 
		bad colors in netscape.

	As a result i can't browse the Web in all its 'bells
and whistles'

Note: i have 'Generic VGA Compatible' Display Adapter
setting in the Xwindows Configuration
	whereas 'Oak Spitfire (PCI) OTI64111' is the Actual

Following r the 2 errors i get
error 1:
	Netscape: Subprocess diagnostics (stdout/ stderr)

	'Cannot allocate colormap entry for default

error 2:
	Netscape error
	visual 0x23 is a 4 bit Pseudo Color visual. 
	This is not a supported Visual.
	Images will be displayed in Monochrome.

	Currently supported visuals r:
	Static Gray, all depths
	Gray Scale, all depths
	True Color, depth 8 or greater
	Static Color, depth 8 or greater
	Pseudo Color, depth 8 only
		if u have any of the above Visuals (see 'xdpyinfo') 
	it is recommended that u start netscape with the
-Visual command line option to specify one

	More visuals may be directly supported in future.
your feed back is welcome

i have the following enviroment:	

	Redhat Linux release 6.0 Publisher's Edition (Hedwig)
	Kernel 2.2.5-15 on an i586

Display Adapter:
	Oak TV Tuner cum Display Card 	'Oak Spitfire (PCI)

Monitor:	Samtrom 15"  (50E)

Processor: 	IDT Winchip C6  200 Mz

Ram:  	32 MB

Kindly guide.

Thanx in Anticipation


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