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Re: Web Administration


1. Plese have a descriptive subject line to your postings.  This post of
yours, for example, is not about Web Administration.  It is about

2. Please do not quote unrelated email when posting.

Paramdeep Singh proclaimed:
> There is A concept of Information Channels and Personalization.
> In which I have various information streams on my Web Site to which my
> visitors acn subscribe and ask for information.And the sites can have Have
> the look and feels costomised to visitors interests and
> likings(Personalizations).
> My Question is can we do this using Apache Web server and How?

You can certainly do it.  But such personalization is not part of the core
Apache web server.  And it should not be.  This is one reason why you don't
see the same personalization scheme being used in two services.

You can build such a scheme from ground up after reading up on things like
PHP and mod-perl.  Or you can grab the perl code that creates a site like
Slashdot (http://slashdot.org/) and rip out pieces that you don't need.  I
don't like reading other people's code and understanding it.  So I prefer
starting from scratch.

The basic idea should be that the user's ID should be stored in a cookie. 
Any request that the user sends for a page from your server will also
contain the user's id in the cookie.  Your server-side script should look
for the cookie, read it, and if present deliver a page that is customized
to the user.

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