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Re: Client Side Encryption

Hi Ravi,

   You can write some kind of proxy or if u already have some ready made one
to encrypt your data before sending it to the actual server.
Writing the proxy server would be easy( I can provide you the starers ),
only thing u need to write is the standard encryption etc. You can also try
PGP ( some version exists for HTTP i think apart from SMTP / POP )

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Subject: [LIP] Client Side Encryption

> hi friends,
> I need ur valuable help.
> The client(browser) will connect to the server.
> He gets the page.
>  He fills the form details and when he submit the form, I need local
> encryption has to take place to protect the information filled in the
> form. (and also I have to add digital signature while submitting the
> form).
> The transactions are completely through "https connection". Even though
> the transaction is completely secure, I want to do encryption and
> signing on client side.  How it is possible?
> I will very happy If u provide code or links.
> Thanks in advance & Regards,
> Ravi Prakash
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