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Re: Can u help?

probably you can get 800x600 @ 8bpp
(hresxvresxbytes_per_pixel <= vram)
putting an additional 1MB at Rs 250/- is recommended to get 16bpp
use xf86config to set up your card use SiS chipset type 205
AND check the archives for queries related to old hardware (always)

best wishes,

On Sun, 16 Jul 2000, Shailesh R L wrote:

> hii,
> i am new to this list. i recently installed linux 6.2 from PCquest(june)
> CD. it installed properly as KDE workstation. but i am having problems
> with my display card settings. I have a P1-166,16MB ram,8.4 HDD,a SiS(6215) 
> video card with 1MB video ram. now when i boot into KDE desktop, all the 
> icons,text,windows appear very big. i am able to see only about
> 40% of my desktop at a time. linux reported that it is using a 340x420
> video mode. how do i get a normal desktop? how do i set my resolution
> to atleast 640x480 mode. is this b'coz i have only 1MB video memory?
> Please help. i want help desperately.
> regards,
> shailesh.

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