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Re: Urgent: jdbc connection to PostGRESQL

The driver for PostGRESQL is there in PCQuest. I have seen it but have not used it. It would be better if you search for "postgresql.jar" file on google.com. Put it somewhere in some directory and add it to the CLASSPATH. It should work. It works on my PC!!


At 11:31 AM 7/11/00 +0530, you wrote:
hi all,
   I tried the jdbc connection to the PostGRESQL server.
The HOWTO says that u will have a file called Postgresql.jar
,which you have to export to ur classpath.
I didn't find such a file anywhere in my installation.
When i run the program i get an exception that the
driver is not found but the docs says u do have a driver
shipped with the PostGresql package.
I installed all the postgresql packages(jdbc,perl,phython,tcl,etc).Also
i found the
perl example working very well.
Any pointers,help.
Thanx in advance

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