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Re: JSP Performance

At 10:32 AM 7/10/00 +0530, you wrote:
hi list
1. if u have the tar.gz file of binaries, just untar that to some

I do not have the tar.gz of binaries. I have .tar file of source. I tried to compile it but the compilation does not proceed far. It gives an error "srcdir not found" and exits.

If possible could you give me the site from where I could download the required binaries to run jakarta-tomcat.

        Thanks again

2. set environment variables like TOMCAT_HOME , JDK_HOME
3. start tomcat
this is for stand-alone tomcat (default port 8080)
for tomcat with apache
+1 : append an include line at the end of httpd.conf abt the location of
+2 : LoadModule mod_jserv.so : this is the plug-in for tomcat
+3 : first start tomcat and then apache


jayant kumar wrote:

>          Could you tell me how to configure tomcat? I had fumbled with it
> before I took to jswdk.
> Your help would be highly appreciated. I have jakarta-ant.tar,

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