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i am having problem running servlets on win95. i know this is not the right mailing list for win95 probs. but it deals with java which is platform independent so hope someone out here knows this.

i am new to servlet programming,so i tried to run the Duke's bookstore example. first it gave problem during compiling, it could not locate the servlet classes. when i mentioned the classpath in the command line, it does not recognize "database" and "cart" packages.
then i moved all *.java files in DATABASE and CART dir to the parent dir. and changed the code of some *.java files so that "database" and "cart" are no longer packages. After doing this they got compiled. 
i am using the  Java WEB Server (came in this month's PCQ). i added all the classes of type *servlet.class (7 of 12 classes) after connecting to port 9090. then i entered the url  in browser.  the first page shows up. 
my problem start now.  it does not shows any  catalog or details of book which has link on the main page.

then i tried using JSDK 2.0
so i stopped the servlet servicing part of java web server. copied the all *.class files to examples dir of jsdk2.0 .  added the entry of all *servlet.class files in the configuration file in that dir.  & started servletrunner. same problem repeats here, first page  shows up. on clicking catalog,  not found error. 

plz help

reply soon

 __ deepak __

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