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Re: setuid()

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From: Mahesh <maheshv@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [LIP] setuid()

> Hi Chetan,
>    May be i am wrong but ne way here is what i feel about your query.

here is what i am trying to do.

my application creates application forms to be printed and scans the filled
up forms for recognition. now there may be an application form that has been
designed by user A and wants to share it with user B without any duplication
( maybe B should be allowed to change it too )

now user A writes his permissions into a file. an executable owned by user A
will be run by User B. this executable checks the permission file to see if
user B has the permissions... if he has then setuid is called and the
effective userid is set o the owner of the executable ( User A ) and i will
read the file through my executable.

is there a better way of doing it ???

this project should get over in 10 days. hoping something will work out....

- chetu