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Re: is this possible

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From: <jsojan@xxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [LIP] is this possible

> Hi there,
>      hmmm....wonder why you need that. I guess security is not very
> important in your setup. You can suid your shell script to root.
> As for making the script only executable via your s/w...that'll be a lil
> more tricky.
> Because it has user execute permissions ( your first requirement )

hi sojan,

    the requirement is not to make it user executable, but to restrict the
script to be executed only by my s/w. since the s/w can be run by anybody
 not just the root of the system ) i had given the first requirement.

    now assuming that the script does not have user execute permissions, how
can i make only my s/w execute it?

    also can a certain permission be set only to certain users ( who may or
may not exist in the same group ) like directory A has write access to only
user1 and user2 and read access to everybody. user1 and user2 may or may not
exist in the same group. even if user3 exists in the same group as user1 he
should not be given write access.

- chetu