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Re: JSP Performance

JSP takes some time to compile when run for the first time. Second time it comes almost immediately. I have been using jswdk to run jsp and got to this conclusion.

Could you tell me how to configure tomcat? I had fumbled with it before I took to jswdk. Your help would be highly appreciated. I have jakarta-ant.tar, jakarta-tomcat.tar and jakarta-tools.tar which have been downloaded from the net.

        Thanks in advance..

At 04:55 PM 7/8/00 +0530, you wrote:
Am using Tomcat standalone, with the latest jdk from PCQ & Postgres. Some
pages get displayed  in less than a second but some take two rotations of
the (IE's) globe. They take that much time even if I comment out all code,
even the imports! Its just driving me crazy - please suggest what to do.
Lakshmi Anand K
MSPV Group

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