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Re: Re: [linux-india-programmers] C++ question

Venkatesha Murthy G. encoded : 
>It may be instructive to see the output of the AT&T C++ to C translator,
>which was one of the early ways of programming with C++; it is a frontend
>which converts all your C++ code to C code, and uses a C compiler along
>with a library. If you can get hold of that, you can see how it handles
This brings me to something that I'm quite fond of - it's perfectly possible to program using OOPS in C, Logo, Basic or whatever you have. C++ only programmatically provides you features that help in writing OOP code easier.

	As a teacher of mine ( a certain Mr. Vijayan) said "If you really want to shoot yourself, nothing can prevent you - except C++ makes it difficult for you to do so" when we asked him a very similar question on pointers, C++, and OOPS.

	And when asked about Java and memory management, he said that "Java thinks that memory management is *so* important that no one expect that language should be entrusted with it." On the other hand "C++ thinks that memory management is **SO** important that no one expect the programmer should be entrusted with it!!!!" :-)).

	Without raising too much of a fuss, Java jumping around about being completely object oriented is a bit off. The basic types in Java are *not* objects, as compared to the similar situation in C++, which leads to some nasty issues.......

   Madhu M Kurup /* Nemo Me Impune Lacessit */ madhu@xxxxxxxxxxx