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Re: Why am I not getting the results I expect...

Sharat Chandra proclaimed:
> > > So if you have random () returning long on your machine, this should
> > > suffice
> > >
> > >     ((int) (random ()) % 24) + 1
> > Thanks Venkatest.  I figured this out by accident yesterday.  Now I know
> > the reason why it worked.
> A small piece of information:
> The lower order bits of a random number generated by the "remainder" method
> are supposed to be less random than the higher order bits. Saw this in a
> book "Numerical Recipies in C".

That is what rand()'s man page said too.  That was why I was doing the
whole int -> float -> int casting.  random() seems to a different beast
than rand().

One more thing I did not mention was that I was using that snippet of code
in a module for xscreensaver.  random() behaves different when used inside
a xscreensaver module.  It is porbably because of some of the utility
functions I am linking against.

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