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Re: Why am I not getting the results I expect...

"Venkatesha Murthy G." proclaimed:
> If we can safely assume that you're compiling this on a Linux machie,
> (you'd probably not have posted to this list otherwise, would you?)
> then the random () library function returns an integer (long int,
> actually; unless my manpages are dated; or yours). In which case you
> don't need to do any int-to-float-and-then-back-to-int conversions
> which are fraught with rounding related dangers which probably are
> giving you your headache.
> So if you have random () returning long on your machine, this should
> suffice
>     ((int) (random ()) % 24) + 1

Thanks Venkatest.  I figured this out by accident yesterday.  Now I know
the reason why it worked.

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