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smallest unit of time

On Monday 26 Jun 2000
smallest unit of time is jiffy which is dependent on
the value of HZ in sched.h(most probably). Normally on
Intel based platform its value is set to 100 thus the
smallest unit of time you can work with is 1/100 unit
of a sec. Anyway you can change the value of HZ to
something a slight more to tweak up your system
performance. Remind you changing the value of HZ
causes the recompilation of kernel source as well as
all the other modules which are dependent on the value
of HZ else your system will behave something beyond
your prediction.

Before changing the value of HZ I w'd suggest to peek
thru Alessandro Rubini's book on Device Driver.

Best of luck.
santosh singh

Feel free to mail at sanhackin@xxxxxxxxx

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