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Sorry for very delayed reply- however, its good if this mail can be of some use

Allessandro Rubini's "Writing Linux Device Drivers" gives an example "snull"
n/w i/f driver which does not require any special h/w. Well, its nothing more
than a loopback driver. Maybe, you can explore it further.


Ramanujan wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a small clarification, when writing socket programs, do we need to
> have the Etherent interface present on the system. That is i am trying to
> simulate the client and the server on the same machine. that is the connect
> call from the client will give the loopback address
> I have used AF_INET, SOCK_STREAM. I tried to connect to the day time server
> waiting on port 13.
> When i listed with netstat it was not showing any active TCP connections, so
> i presumed that it needs to have an interface. Is it right?
> Best Wishes
> Ramanujan
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