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Re: file/device i/o in the kernel


As someone wrote already the kernel is not a process - in that respect it
can be thought of as code that run asynchronously when some events
occur(like interrputs,....). And it does not have a pid. Maybe ( I am not
very sure :( ) what is happening is that the file is opened in one process
and is accessed properly - till it runs, when this process is put to sleep,
the (now) current process would not know about this project. Also kernel
runs in the context of the "current" process. 

I would say that, unless you are more than familiar with the kernel you
should not attempt such things. Also Unix/Linux or any OS provides a std.
i/f only to the user level. The changes made to kernel itself can never be
predicted. So every time a change is made to the kernel you may have change
your code, maybe with dangerous conssequences ( though very rarely, I hope )


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