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Re: oracle on linux vs. oracle on NT/win

hi list 
this is a long mail as i have many queries,
we want to have web-servers on Gnu/linux machines serving the jsp pages.
for this we have machines running Gnu/Linux . as for the web-server i
think we can use the suggested jakarta-tomcat as module , or go for one
of the free Jservers. client side uses javascript + netscape. now comes
the problem part 
the choice of datbase, and the questions with it. 

how is oracle on linux is different from oracle on NT ?. in the sense
that, say right now i have oracle client on win machines and they
connect to oracle server on NT thru *odbc* drivers. 

 application --> odbc driver --> oracle client on 95 --> network layer 

can i connect to this oracle NT server from a linux box ? if yes then
how ?
specifically, oracle server is listening on a particular port on the
server-machine , now my client on the linux machines should be able to
connect to this port + Ip, and there should be one driver on my machine
which should now how to translate the requests coming from the
applications into the language of this client. so theoretically atleast
this should be possible.

i tried to go thru the *net8* manual supplied with oracle. to
communicate over network client is using tcp/ip only. so server side is
independent of the client, client should have the ability to send
requests and interpret the received messages. i may be/ may not be wrong
. actually i want to know,, how is connecting to a web-server for html
pages using http is different from connecting to a oracle server ? 

i am asking all this bcuz say, i have a web-server ( say apache+tomcat)
running on linux machines , but we want to use our same oracle server on
NT , then how do we connect to this oracle database thru jsp pages on
the web-server running on linux machines. 

are the drivers available, if i want to connect to oracle8i database on
linux from apache+tomcat serving jsp pages ? thank you all for being so
patient. any queries/links/suggestions/help would be most appreciated 


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