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Re: interacting with serial driver

+ > While that is true, i need to do that myself, w/o relying on "open" etc.
+ > :( for some reasons. Also, i am not doing this at the user level, but in
+ > kernel proper.
+ > 
+ > Yeah, writing my own serial driver is another option, but again, due to
+ > certain restraints, i _have_ to use the underlying one :(
+ I don't know what your reasons are, but I would suggest: use the kernel
+ driver. It would make code more portable. Also use the POSIX calls.
+ Check out Richard W. Stevens "Advanced Programming in the Unix
+ Environment", chapter 10, I think.

Uh... restrictions stem from the fact that, the module which i am doing,
is not thaaat big, to write a serial driver for. Writing a driver will be
twice as big a project than the existing one.

About the posix calls, i can only say that i am but a poor, helpless 
creature, with limited choices to fiddle.

Even i'd have loved to 'open' and do read write :) but i was just
wondering if there was any other way. Nevertheless, if theres NO other
way, i think i'll have go back and set things right in the module i