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Re: (no subject)

that brings us to the next question, what is a binary file ? like i have
some a.out which can be displayed  with 'od' ; now this dump is what is
a.out or is it something more. specifically how the info contained in
this file is relayed to the OS ?  

> Well, yes.
> A byte can be used to represent 256 different values/characters. Of
> these, all have been assigned a special meaning, eg, EOF,'/n' '/t'
> etc are just one of these combinations having been assigned a
> special meaning. Similarly the normal alphanumeric characters such
> as 'a' ... 'z' ..1,2, * %..etc have a corresponding hexadecimal
> value, which is interpreted by cat, more etc as text, as per the
> ASCII standard.
> So there is no ascii file as such. It only depend on the
> interpretation.
> pallav.

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