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Re: (no subject)

On Tue, 6 Jun 2000, Rajeev Jha wrote:

> hi list
> binand, i think by this u mean that every file in unix is a series of
> bytes , no special bytes , whether text or binary files. just one query,
> what exactly is an ascii text file  , as listed by the $ file <filename>
> command ? i mean is ascii just means that some programs( cat , more
> etc)  can output it neatly on the screen ? 

Well, yes.
A byte can be used to represent 256 different values/characters. Of
these, all have been assigned a special meaning, eg, EOF,'/n' '/t'
etc are just one of these combinations having been assigned a
special meaning. Similarly the normal alphanumeric characters such
as 'a' ... 'z' ..1,2, * %..etc have a corresponding hexadecimal
value, which is interpreted by cat, more etc as text, as per the
ASCII standard.

So there is no ascii file as such. It only depend on the


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