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+    (1)
+  im having a problem with the gethostbyaddr function.
+ i specify the
+  the arguments as :-
+  for the  constant  character
+ pointer,
+         4 as the size (for ipv4 address),
+         AF_INET for the family.
+  but i get hptr=NULL  which is the pointer to the
+ hostent structure.

Well, cant say, but check the error status, which might help you a lot. To
quote from 'man gethostbyaddr'

       Error return status from gethostbyname  and  gethostbyaddr
       is  indicated  by  return of a null pointer.  The external
       integer h_errno may then be checked to see whether this is
       a  temporary  failure  or an invalid or unknown host.

+ (2)
+  i  am trying to use libpcap (packet capture library) 
+ to develop
+  a network analyzer(a modest one of course)  and i get
+ the 
+  following message for pcap_open_live:-
+  /dev/bpf0 not found

Of course you'll have to install the lib first to use it. (Please note,
installing means putting it in some 'standard' location. If you want to
use it w/o installing it, make sure you use correct paths.

On linux, i dont think it uses /dev/bpf0. Its more of socket business, i
suppose, but again, i may be wrong...