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Installation blues: RH 6.1 on Dell PowerEdge

Hi all!

Im trying to load Red Hat 6.1 on a Dell PowerEdge 4300.
It has a 50 gigs hard disk and a PERCRaid controller. I downloaded the
RAID driver as an img file, `rawrote' it onto a floppy, and used it in
the "load drivers" screen in the expert mode of Installation. The driver
is showing in the list of available drivers...

I tried installing Linux in Expert mode as the docs suggested, and in
the Add Devices screen, I added the SCSI device for the CDROM and tried
adding the PERCDriver. Now, the screen turned to the graphics screen,
and asked me to choose the type of installation. I chose custom, and
clicked next. 

Now the problem is that anaconda(the installer) is not detecting the
Hard Disk... It doesn't know where to create the partitions... I'm doing
something grossly wrong. Can someone help me out of this situation !?

Thanks in anticipation,
rohit singh

Finagle's First Law:
	If an experiment works, something has gone wrong.