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>>>>> "Rajesh" == Rajesh Bhattacharya <rajub@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Rajesh> Hi All, I hope every Linux user faces the same

	You *want* everyone to have problems? Uh, "Okay"...

    Rajesh> problem. The same Netscape that runs so well in Windows

	It does?

    Rajesh> becomes shabby in Linux. Can't we make Linux at least a
    Rajesh> bit more Browser Friendly ?

	You have lynx || links || w3m || Mozilla
	What do you want Netscape or -ANY- GUI browser for? Lynx is
fine enough -- infact, Raju had some stuff on his website, which you
could use to tweak .lynxrc or whatever, so your lynx becomes much more 
GUI-compatible than a stock-Lynx....

    Rajesh> Or should Netscape be more Linux Friendly?

	Is this really a posting meant for LI-PROGRAMMERS ? Looks to
me, it should have landed up in LI-GENERAL

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