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Re: Info on /proc/interrupts

    NMI stands for Non Maskable Inerrupt and ERR is also for Errors. An NMI is an
interrupt which cannot be ignored and the control will jump to certain memory
location and start executing from there. In linux the kernel manages the NMI.
Generally gives Kernel Panic. It is generally used by hardware devices to indicate
a critical state

Aditya Deshpande

Sandeep Sundaram wrote:

> Hi,
>         I was going through the /proc directory and I came across a file called
> interrupts. The last two lines of this have certain flags called NMI and
> ERR( ERR is seen only on a multi processor system, with SMP support).
> Could anyone tell me as to what these really stand for and when are they
> set ?!
> Also, is there any way that I can find out as to how these stats are
> generated and which are the files that are writting into these files.
> I seriously want to go through the source code for Linux, but my work is
> such that I just cannot dedicate the required time to do so !!
> TIA,
> Regards
> Sandeep Sundaram.
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