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Interesting problem +ncurses

Hello , 

Fellow Programmers can you please help me with this 

I was making a networking programm and so wanted to give to the user a sort of
a text based control (sort of vi type screen)  i.e a upper box where programm
gives / sends messages while 
there is a a single line at bottom for user to enter the commands .. (as in vi
we have a ":" down there ) 
Now the programm is in background also monitoring the UDP socket it has opened
with one child and 
from parent i.e in foreground i wanted to trap the key board .. so while
accessing NCURSES API 
,i have set "nodelay" (thus non blocking i/o for keyboard )for the  parent ,
thus parent remains in a while(1)  loop and keeps on polling for the user
i/p's in that 1 line window .

Now how can i set cursor as non blinking ?? (i tried curs_set(TRUE)) but no
results (any stupidity u think i might have done ??) and is it possible to set
a window in Ncurses as to recieve inputs asynchronously ?? 

Thanking You !

Nitin Mahajan

PS : any quick wayz to a simple GUI for X ? tuts ?

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