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Re: qt-slot-problem


 I use 2.0.1 shiped with RHL 6.1, PCQ Nov. 99. Slots with Qt works fine. I
do not have any problems. As far as I remeber they work in 1.44 also. Done
few things, long back last year...

Maybe the problem is with your makefile. The .moc filesshould be created
and compiled in proper order otherwise #include "*.moc" goes haywire.

Best thing you can do is pick a makefile from examples directory and
modify it. Pick a suitable one. i.e if your main widget class is a
separate .h/.cpp pick a similar one.. This works.. Worked for me ;-)

And there can be better bugs than this. Definitely this is not a bug. What
are you using? Kdevelop?



On Sat, 13 May 2000, Chetan Gopal Kashinath wrote:
> hi,
>     i am unable to implement a slot in qt which takes parameters. i am using
> qt 1.44. is anybody aware of anything that has to be done to make a slot