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help for YMF724

hi. i need a dissassembler for DOS in 32-bit mode (DOS/4GW). i'm trying to
renew efforts on h4x0ring my YMF724, by dissassembling a yamaha provided proggieI dunno if Alan Cox tried to do this, when he fiddled around with the same card,but i'm willing to give it a renewed try. I'm using some debugger from the
386MAX guys. It lets me do the debugging on another vid card i have, but i have
been having probs on it. If some gurus can gimme some suggestions/opinions on a
good debugger on DOS, we might finally have a driver for the rogue YMF724/YMF754;)
I also need some pointers on getting some code snippets on accessing PCI registers
thru DOS, in assembly, preferrably, so that i can co-relate the code i dissasemble
off the Yamaha proggie. thanx.