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Re: need help in perl

Pramodh B N forced the electrons to say:
> is there any program in perl which opens a socket and sends some commands
> through the port by binding the socket to  the port ??

I have a few working examples, and I would mail them to you and the list,
if you tell us what this is all about... I could even give you a C version
(both written by me, and hence no copyright hassles).

Anyway, the general idea is:

socket->connect->read/write for clients, and
socket->bind->listen->accept->read/write for servers.

Read the man pages for these functions.


The prompt for all occasions:
export PS1="F:\$(pwd | tr '/[a-z]' '\134\134[A-Z]')> "
--------------- Binand Raj S. (binand@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)