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Re: Insmod throwing errors


> modules, it gives me an error saying " Unresolved symbols" . The message
> goes something like this :

	Have you compiled the module yourself? And if so, then do your
actual running kernel version and the headers files in /usr/include/linux
match? Mostly the problem is that if you compile a new kernel, you only
download sources in /usr/src/linux, and install it. This doesn't update
your /usr/include/linux, leaving the header files out of sync with the
running kernel.
	This is not a problem in itself, but if you try compiling a module
that tries to source the kernel headers from /usr/include/linux, then you
have a problem as it will be effectively made for the version of kernel
the headers in /usr/include/linux belong to, *not* the running kernel.
	Hence the errors. Now the solution, you can try copying
/usr/src/linux/include/* to /usr/include/linux (ugly but works. not
scalable as you have more and more kernel sources and images floating
around) or if its your own module, hack the makefile to change include
paths to /usr/src/linux/include.

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