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regarding blocking of connections

I am non previeliged user in my college system.As a student we used to share 
same user account.The problem is people used to chat in that account in a 
indecent way.This indecency made our people from connecting to 
morechat.talkcity.com as well as chat.talkcity.com.Now they used to connect to 
some other server like irc.dal.net.I generally hate pupils chat from free 
internet connection like in colleges and workplaces.The problem here is we 
other users ,in urgent need of internet may not able to avail the system.Even 
Though the chat script is removed from the system ,this fools used to download 
binaries from some site used to chat.There is no point in removing the scripts 
they have downloaded,because they have more number of copies of the software 
in different places.
The best option should be to filter the tcp connection requiring destination 
host port as 6667 or 7000.I know ipchains will help in this regard.I need your 
help in devising any novel way to make this fools away from chatting.
Thanks in advance
kamesh jayachandran

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