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Re: linux assembly

> .text
> BOOTSEG =0x07c0
> .globl main
>        .type main,@function
> main:
>     mov %ax,BOOTSEG
> ////////////////////////////////////////////////
> In the above code I am just trying to move the BOOTSEG value to ax
> register
> If i am right the "as" assembler follows source destination sequence
> unlike TASM,  I have even tried the alternative sequence
> The above piece of code is giving  a core dump with SIGSEGV
> (Segmentation fault)

	The "as" assembler uses the AT&T syntax instead of the intel
syntax. The major difference between the two is that in at&t, the first
argument to mov is source and the second is the destination - opposite to
intel convention.
	I guess the reason why this coredumps is that it tries to write
contents of ax to BOOTSEG in ds, which causes coredump.

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