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Re: How to start deamons?

Sudhakar Chandrasekharan forced the electrons to say:
> Here is how it is done in Debian:

And for general interest, here is how it is done in SuSE:

Put a script (let us call it foobar) in /sbin/init.d. Use the file
called skeleton there for a template. Setup start/stop/restart/reload
etc. properly.

Run the command rctab -e.

In the editor buffer that comes up, add foobar to the list (place it
in a convenient location).  Add only in runlevels 2 and 3 (and possibly
1). 4 and 5 are unused in SuSE.

save and quit the buffer. The appropriate links will be created. The
service foobar will be started automatically the next time you enter
any of the runlevels in which it is listed.


The prompt for all occasions:
export PS1="F:\$(pwd | tr '/[a-z]' '\134\134[A-Z]')> "
--------------- Binand Raj S. (binand@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)