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IMHO, servlets, once loaded into the webserver's memory, stay there
until there's a real memory crunch(at which point they are unloaded). So
servlets are fast, except for the first time they're invoked.

Support for servlets comes in the form of modules for apache as
well(jakarta-tomcat, the most widely used module being an example.)
check out jakarta.apache.org for more info.


Kedar Patankar wrote:
> > Is PHP faster than Java Servlets in case of multiple clients ??
>         Real answer - I don't know. I haven't used java servlets. But
> going by logic, normally php3 interpreter is compiled as a module in
> apache, and consequently there is no process creation overhead to get the
> php3 page interpreted and processed. I suppose that overhead is more with
> java servlets due to process creation.
>         I would recommend you to visit http://www.php.net for more info.
>         Regards,
>         Kedar.

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