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Generate Kernel PANIC and OOPS

Hi all!

Can someone tell me how I can generate :

#1) Kernel PANIC
#2) OOPS

Pointers to code/modules will be great!

Hi! How are things going?
	(just fine, thank you...)
Great! Say, could I bother you for a question?
	(you just asked one...)
Well, how about one more?
	(one more than the first one?)
	(you already asked that...)
[at this point, Alphonso gets smart...	]
May I ask two questions, sir?
May I ask ONE then?
Then may I ask, sir, how I may ask you a question?
	(yes, you may.)
Sir, how may I ask you a question?
	(you must ask for retroactive question asking privileges for
	 the number of questions you have asked, then ask for that
	 number plus two, one for the current question, and one for the
	 next one)
Sir, may I ask nine questions?
	(go right ahead...)
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