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[re] java applet problem


Sorry if this message comes through twice. I have problems with my

> The applet communicates with an applet/servlet/application
>  running on the server from which the applet was itself loaded.

 Nope ! It's bit of a run-around but then applets were designed with
security in  mind :-) I never found the necessity for this method. So I
will just quote the
 manual here.

" A low bandwidth bidirectional channel can be established by using DNS.
An applet is entitled to look up any hostname it needs. For an applet to
communicate the message "xx yy zz" to its covert partner(say abc.com),
the partner needs to run a modified DNS and the applet needs to perform
a name lookup on a host called xx.yy.zz.abc.com. Since the request for
name translation is passed to the name server for the domain abc.com,
the first part of the message can be extracted from it. Now, a DNS
lookup expects a
response, in the form of one or more four-byte addresses. This response
can be modified like above and used to return the information, which can
then be used in
the applet. "

Whew ! I told you :-) The book suggests further reading on the DNS
mechanism,  which I think will help a lot in clearing the process above.

> What if the applet lies on the client machine as a  set of class
> files, and when loaded into the browser it wants to communicate with
> other machines?

I think what I have quoted above should help in this aspect.

"Linux: the operating system with a CLUE...
Command Line User Environment".
(seen in a posting in comp.software.testing)

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