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Oracle on RH 6.1


	I managed to Install Oracle 8i on RH 6.1.
I followed the steps given at

But when I tried to start the application, it gave me an error saying that

"failure in processing system parameters"
"Failure during processing of INIT.ORA parameters during system startup"

I thought that this could have been due to the reason that I had not set my
system's SHMMAX to the recommended value. So I went ahead and changed its
value in shmparam.h . But When I recompiled my kernel, it gave me a kernel
panic as follows :

hda: cannot handle device with more than 16 heads-giving up

end-request: I/O error, dev 03:01(hard disk), sector 4040.

    hda: read-intr : status=0x59
    hda: read-intr : error 0x04

What am I suppose to interpret from this. And what are the changes I have
to incorporate to get Oracle started.


Sandeep Sundaram

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