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Re: C/C++ graphics

wel... u've got OpenGL, SVGAlib, Allegro, GGI/KGICON,
FB, SDL, DGA, ........ LOTS of libs out there for gfx.
but ta put it plain: OpenGL rulez! However it depends
on what kind of gfx u wanna do. If u want to just draw
some lines, i guess SVGAlib is OK... but u'd also
wanna give Allegro a try, as its easier. If u describe
u're purpose, i can help u a lil' more. :)


--- Mani p <mani_bangalore@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi, 
>    How do I include C/C++ graphics in my programs on
> LINUX platform. Would any one please help me out
> with
> this problem.
> rgds/
> Mani.
> mani_bangalore@xxxxxxxxxxx
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