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Re: Mesa3D and Qt

Hi! I am Nikhil. I am doing my 1st year engg. in
hyderabad.  I have been working with OpenGL for about
an year and a half now, and i love every part of it.
I am a 3D game programmer. I DONT use KDE (i'm more of
a GNOME guy :) ). I am currently involved in an open
source game project. http://www.zeode.com/nebula. The
page hasn't been updated in a while. U can find our
page after a couple of weeks at
nebula.sourceforge.net, as we're busy getting ready
for the move, and a new directory structure for the
CVS and things like that. I am more into terrain
rendering, environment mapping, and NURBS on OpenGL. I
have already developed a 3D engine in Allegro a couple
of years back. I moved to OpenGL mainly for the HW
acceleration possible, and the effects offered. I
think OpenGL is the best thing to happen to the PC,
beside the fact that SGI simply rulez! :)

--- Anand Bisen <anand.bisen@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello everybody
> Hi ! I am anand singh bisen a student MCA indore and
> am coding in OpenGL for
> some time now under linux (i.e. by using Mesa3d).
> And the GUI API I am using
> is GLUT which is okay for small projects.
> I am looking for some help from a KDE developer who
> can work with me for
> making 3d graphiocs intensive apps under linux.
> I am also looking for other Mesa3d or OpenGL coders.
> Please do reply back
> anand
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> mailing lists check out
> http://lists.linux-india.org/

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