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i810 Chipset troubles...


	I have an intel 810 chipset based machine. I have been trying to
get the on-board sound card working ever since I purchased the box, but
haven't yet succeeded. I have been trying to get the alsa drivers for 8x0
to work on my box, but they don't yet work.
	So I finally begun hacking the sources myself. It turns out that
the i810 (82801AA, which intel calls as ICH - integrated controller hub)
presents the in built sound stuff in the chipset as a PCI device, with
vendor ID 0x8086 (intel), and device id 0x2415 (82801AA).
	I wrote a small module that does this detection, and then looks at
the global control and status registers of the on-board ac97 codec bus
mastering registers (offsets 0x2c and 0x30 in i/o space).
	Strangely both the registers are zero. The doc says that the
control reg is r/w, and according to the bit definitions given in the
intel doc, all zeros meant that the codec was put in cold reset mode. So I
tried writing 1 to the respective bit position in the control reg, and
then read it back after 600ms, as intel describes.
	But strangely it reads back zeros.. Increasing the wait period
doesn't help. This same thing happens with alsa driver too, it kees on
waiting for "codec ready" bit in status register, which never gets set.
	Does anyone have any ideas as to why this may happen? The hardware
is OK because it works under M$ Win95.