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Re: HTTP tunnel

Hi Ajay...
> I am trying to code a HTTP tunnel...something that runs at port 9000
> (here), listens to browser requests (setting proxy at 9000 in browser)
> and then passes on this HTTP request fom the browser to a squid proxy
> running on port 3128 on

I have a couple of suggestions that should work....

first of all you can enable IP Masquerading and port forwarding in the
kernel... after you have done that put some rules in the IP Masquerading
tables so that data from port 3128 (Squid) is transparently written to
the client port... this way the squid messages will definitely reach the
client browser without even going thru' your tunnel... that is
speedier... so if the URL the client is requesting is okay, the data
coming from the web site does not have the additional overhead of going
thru' your tunnel...

you get the point? data *from* the client is scanned by your tunnerl and
passed on to squid... however, data coming back need not be scanned...
you can simply pass it on to the client... so your tunnel need not come
into picture... just try something like this out... i used it for port
forwarding onto other machine, but never on the same machine... although
i think it should work as well...
do tell me what happened...