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Re: regarding external and internal linking

Quotes from "C++ Programming Language" of Bjarne Stroustrup:
"A name that can be used in translation units different from the one in
which it was defined is said to have external linkage... A name that can be
referred to only in the translation unit in which it is defined is said to
have internal linkage"

To make it clearer, look at those 2 files:

int i=1;

extern int i
int j

i is external because it is defined in file1.c but can also be used in
file2.c whereas j is just internal to file2.c.
In this example it seems straight forward, but often the difference is
subtle and you can get confused pretty easily.

I hope this answers your question.
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Subject: [LIP] regarding external and internal linking

> I want to get clarified the difference between and internal and external
> linking in c programmes.
> Thanks in advance
> kamesh jayachandran
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