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Re: how to transfer files across internet

On Tue, 22 Aug 2000, chetan kumar s wrote:

> > How about http? Send a message like this
> > 
> > GET http://<your location> HTTP1.1
> > 
> > look into the HTTP1.1 RFC for the exact syntax. The advantage with this
> > is, you do not have to maintain any config files.
> The disadvantage is that U need to maintain a http server :-)

	I think even ftp can be done using the telnet 21 (or using the
sockets). or better if u need to do it on command line :
	try wget: 
	1. wget [options] ftp://<machine>/<path>
		the options may include ur login and passwd, output file, no
logging etc...
	2. wget "ftp://<login>:<passwd>@<machine>/<path>"

	Also u can use ncftp or ncftpget.

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