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Re: boot problems

hi sandeep/archan,
  i had a similar problem too... solved it by adding
these lines in /etc/hosts (basically, archan's way of
doing it with linuxconf would do this too):

<your IP address>     <your host name>  <your
hostname>.<your domain name>

by the way, if your PC is a standalone PC, you can
choose any host name, and any domain name - it does
not matter. the default /etc/hosts file should work i
guess:  localhost  localhost.localdomain

to this, you could add this line:   myhost  myhost.mydomain

and, makesure that the file 

/etc/sysconfig/network contains the line:



--- Archan Paul <kernelcoder@xxxxxxxxx> wrote: > Hi
> this is a typical RH62 problem.... 
> Linuxconf-->Config-->Networking-->Client Tasks -->
> Basic Host Information
> then write the FQDN(fully qualified domain name) in
> "Host Name" tag
> then clear the "Primary Name + Domain" and "Aliases
> " Tag... 
> and then reboot
> Hope ur prob will be solved.....
> thanx
> Archan Paul
> Lateral Linux Labs
> archanp@xxxxxxxxxxx
> ps. BTW, if u made some thing wrong with ur hostname
> configurations then clear
> it......
> On Wed, 16 Aug 2000, you wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> >         I am running RH 6.1 on my machine. During
> boot up, the system takes
> > a very long time for starting the system logger.
> It stays at that point for
> > almost 8 minutes. I faced similar problems with
> http and sendmail, which I
> > have disabled now. But I am not able to figure out
> as to why the system
> > logger is taking such a long time. I have not been
> able to find a work
> > around for this. Any help regarding this will be
> appreciated.
> > 
> > TIA,
> > 
> > Sandeep Sundaram
> > 
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