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Re: [ilug-goa] LINK: Hyderabad team building easy to use operating system

These guys are a big joke. When they first put up
shop, their website was taking about building a distro
on the 2.3 kernel. I dont even want to delve into the
validity and the nonsense value of that statement. 

I've mailed them several times indicating that they
are on the wrong way, and will end up in a soup if
they stick to those philosophies, and even offered
help from ILUG-HYD. All they did was show us a deaf
ear. I dont even want to go to their website to see if
anything's changed at all. for me, they're a bunch of
scum bags.

I dunno why most of the times people with a lot of
shit up their sleeve end up seeming important. bleh.


--- FREDERICK NORONHA <fred@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hyderabad team building easy to use operating system
> Called Aryan Linux (www.aryanlinux.com), the firm
> says its goal is nearly
> accomplished -- to create a true end-to-end flavor
> of Linux meant specially
> for the desktop user, or the millions of
> non-technical end-users of computers.

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