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Re: Linux in India [was 'Members']

Shimon Cocay Constante rearranged electrons thusly:

> thank you for your thorough answer. What versions/ distributions do
> people mostly use? What version do you think is most popular in India?
 Mostly redhat, thanks to PC Quest which has been distributing redhat along
 with its mag from v 5.2 onwards (though people move to mandrake and SuSE -
 most major distros are available for sale in india - caldera, redhat and suse
 have local offices as well, plus there's a cheapbytes affiliate - gtcdrom.com
 There's an active (and vocal) debian using community as well :)
> Definitely there is a lot of movement in the IT and Linux in India.I am
> sure you guys feel it especially in Bangalore, that's the place I hear
> of the most.

... and Hyderabad .. and Bombay ... and lots of other cities


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