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L i n u x   A f r i c a   2 0 0 1
24--26 April 2001
www.linuxafrica.co.za <http://www.linuxafrica.co.za>

          "Create an Opensource Software Future for Africa"

The planning of the LinuxAfrica is progressing well.
You may be interested to know that:
(1) Jon "maddog" Hall from Linux International (http://li.org
<http://li.org> )
      VA Linux Research will be one of our keynote speakers.
      This is considered a major highlight since "maddog" is one
      of the world's most prominent Opensource protagonists and
(2) Marcio Saito from Linux International will be another keynote speaker.
He is also the Director of Technology for Cyclades Corporation
(3) Bona fide students get 50% discount.  I.e., students will pay R1250.00.
LPA members pay R2000.  Other delegates pay R2500
(4) IBM have a very significant Linux strategy.  We're expecting an
international representative from IBM to give an address
(5) Exhibition space is still available.  Contact Sheena of AITEC at
(011)787-4991 (www.aitecafrica.com <http://www.aitecafrica.com> )

Everyone is invited.  We're targeting both the technical and the commercial
communities.  Also, we would encourage people throughout Africa to attend.
Look forward to seeing you there.
Paul Kotschy
Chairman, Linux Professionals Association of South Africa
      address : SEVEN C, PO Box 4720, Rivonia, 2128, South Africa
        email : info@xxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:info@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
         site : www.sevenc.co.za <http://www.sevenc.co.za>
          tel : +27 11 805-7243
          fax : +27 11 805-7239
"Think Linux"

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