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Re: Re: Hindi and Software


A china focus will actually benefit India a lot, just so that
we see ourselves in perspective - on how far behind we are falling
in terms of bandwidth and spread of IT. China has already taken
the lion's share of the manufacturing industry, which is the biggest
job creater of all industries. India currently has a lead in IT, which is its only trump card in the global marketplace. The rest of the world
looks at India as a very poor place to do manufacturing - one reason
why the investment in hardware fab plants has been negligible in India.

And we will steadily be losing market share in IT to China as well,
if we do not take care of issues like spread of IT through localization and increase in bandwidth etc. For instance China completed a 40Gbps network last year, whereas India's sankhya vahini project has still not seen light of day (delhi-bombay bw is still a paltry 155Mbps). In localisation too, as mentioned, they are far ahead. In mirrors, there are typically 4-5 mirrors in China but not a single one in India. So the question is not just of utilizing existing resources, it is of creating more resources to solve specific problems that are impeding the spread of IT in India. And to understand and create awareness of
the bigger picture of why these things are important.
In IT especially, once you've lost market share, it is very hard
to win back. Cribbing out loud is very good, if it's for asking for more bandwidth, imho, for this very practical reason.

I don't mean to sound negative, but we've got to treasure and guard
our lead in IT aggressively, or it'll slip out of our hands before we
know it. As they say, keep your friends close but your enemies closer.
We have got to keep a close watch on our competitors.

Why do we compare ourselves with others when it comes to using our
resources that we have? Its good to compare ourselves with others when we
are talking about improving ourselves, but when we are using the
resources, we should try and make use of all that we have, in our way to
the fullest, instead of cribbing about other people having the advantage
of more B/W etc.

> >the web in chinese instead of in english. the linux-chinese howto
> >has been around for quite a while and people are fluent in using chinese
> >from the regular keyboards.

sure, but an indian/hindi version of linux does not exist yet.
the howto would be limited to installing hindi shusha fonts
on linux - both the howto and the shusha fonts can be obtained
from bharatbhasha.org.

a suggestion - why not make the localisation effort open source,
since there are so many diverse language skills involved ? this'll
make it faster and will also allow people to start using what's
available immediately.

- Ruchir

It needs SOMEONE to write it for a start. Is there a Linux-Hindi howto? Or
even a Indian-Linux-howto? NO! We are basically going in circles on
the localisation issues. There have been efforts in this direction but
what needs to be done is that the efforts need to be collected for a start
and put up as a Howto with whatever minimal details are available.

> If we try to localize in Hindi than still there are many people who are
> not comfortable with hindi or they don't know hindi.

We are talking about Localisation. Not Hindification of Linux. What needs
to be done is atleast a start in this direction, which may be to localize
in hindi or any other language. Once things get started, it should serve
as a template / motivation for other languages.

> Take my case. I have learnt my 1-10 th std. in Marathi Medium in Karnataka. > There I had no Hindi Subject, Only English / Kannada / Marathi were the only > three main language subjects. I have never learnt hindi, though I can speak and read
> hindi because of my Marathi knowledge. :-)

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