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Re: Re: Hindi and Software

Rajesh Fowkar rearranged electrons thusly:

> If we try to localize in Hindi than still there are many people who are
> not comfortable with hindi or they don't know hindi.
Hindi localization attempts can even cause riots (down south, the DMK / AIADMK
first came to power on a anti Hindi - and hence anti-congress - platform.
Hindi signboards at railway stations defaced with tar etc etc.

However, that's no reason not to localize in hindi - and localize in tamil,
bengali, gujarati or whatever.  As this is just the UI that's changing, lots of
local developers will be able to customize it for themselves.

> See where the problem lies for localization in India :-)
Localization, Rajesh ... not Nationalization.

If you put it this way, a guy speaking / writing chinese in one part of china
cannot understand a guy at the other end of china / in hong kong thanks to
differences in the way chinese characters are interpreted.  Chinese being
ideographic, this is a real problem there as well.  That hasn't stopped
localized stuff from being rolled out in china, has it?


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