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Re: Linux Distro

It's for real and not a joke ! I received a CD in the middle of 2000. Only
knew its worth yesterday, when I was stranded without a Linux CD except that
free one. Its really great, and the X server worked perfectly on my i810 P3
without any twiddling. Although it was kernel 2.2.10 as it was shipped to me
early last year.
            I checked the site today, and they are still offering it for
free to the student community; their argument being that Linux was developed
by a student for students (aint that rational !). But the link seems to be
broken and you get a DNS error. You can still order them by mailing at
sales@xxxxxxxxxxxx . Not sure if that'll work, but I tried it anyway.

The site URL is http://www.linuxone.net .

Saurabh Garg

PS :- Mr. Rahul Jindal, I have not been posting anything to your
lug-northindia group and am not even a member of the list. Please get your
facts straight before accusing.