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Re: Experience the New Windows

|in the mean time, i use a dual boot with windows and linux.
|many others use vmware to run windows on top of linux as a virtual
|os (takes globs of memory, but nothing like it when it works).
|on the desktop, methinks linux will coexist with but not replace
|windows for quite some time. i'd give it 3-5 years to be any
|serious threat to windows desktop.

The moment M$ tightens string around pirates, 50% window user will be forced
to use Linux.

not true, unfortunately. for most people cost comes a distant
second to ease of use. as long as people find windows desktop
easier to use, they'll be willing to pay extra to use them -
this is especially true of business usage of computers.
also, because of OEM agreements, machines that come preinstalled
with windows are usually cheaper than those that come preinstalled
with linux, even though linux is free.

but i was arguing on purely technical reasons - i think it'll
take a few years for linux to catchup with windows desktop.
if indians can pitch in to make this faster, so much the better.

Mukund Deshmukh
Beta Computronics Pvt. Ltd.
Web Site - www.betacomp.com

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